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EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil


National Lead Information Center (NLIC): The National Lead Information Center provides the general public and professionals with information about lead hazards and their prevention.


Centers for Disease Control (CDC):  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.


HUD (Housing and Urban Development):  The office of healthy homes and lead hazard control.


National Center for Healthy Housing: formerly the National Center for Lead-Safe Housing; to develop and promote practical methods to protect children from environmental health hazards in their homes while preserving affordable housing.


State Specific Information Pages


State of Arizona Lead information page


Sate of California Lead-Based Paint information page for Children


State of California Lead information page for Plumbing


State of California Lead information page for Jewelry


Guam Lead information page


State of Hawaii Lead-Based Paint information page


State of Nevada Lead-Based Paint information page


EPA Authorized State Programs


The EPA has the ability to authorize states, tribes and territories to develop and enforce their own RRP program to operate in lieu of the EPA regulation. When a state, tribe or territory gains authorization; contractors, training providers, and consumers in these areas should contact the appropriate state, tribal or territorial program office. Currently the following states have been authorized by EPA and have their own RRP program:






North Carolina


Rhode Island




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